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Tips to improve your Advertising

There are a number of ways you can maximise the number of genuine customer leads you receive through smallbusiness[HQ]:

Keep your Advertisement Fresh and Up to Date
  • Keep customers informed of all your business' most recent developments. Where possible, make sure this information is relevant to arts and crafts customers that you are trying to attract.
  • Make sure all of your contact details are kept up to date so that customers can find you fast.
  • Remember you can return to our website and Edit your advertisement and your contact details at any time.  Just click on the Ad Details Tab once you are logged in and select Edit Ad next to the advertisement you wish to update.
  • If you wish to cancel or delete the edit you have in progress, simply select the "Cancel Edit" option in the Actions menu and the edit you have in progress will be removed.
Provide Relevant Information in Your Advertisement
  • Research shows that customers expect more than just contact information when they are conducting a search - the internet is increasingly being used by customers for detailed research on their purchasing decisions. This means that when these customers call you, they are typically a far more qualified lead. 
  • Make sure you provide them with enough information in your advertisement about your capabilities.
  • Where possible, make sure the information you provide is tailored and relevant to the arts and crafts audience.
Benefits of Premium
  • Premium advertisers have a greater capacity to provide a deeper level of fresh and relevant content about themselves and their products and services:


- Premium advertisers should make sure they continually update their recent company news and featured product and service reviews to fortify their position as a category leader and inform potential customers about any exciting new initiatives.


- Premium advertisers have the added benefit of being able to upload Videos to their business profile page to showcase their work and business.


- Once logged on, Premium advertisers can click on the Ad Details Tab and then select the Upload Articles & Video option from the Action menu next to the advertisement they wish to update.


  • Starter Pack or Advantage Advertisers can enjoy the benefits of a Premium directory listing by Upgrading their ad - call us on 1300 665 768.
  • The Search this Site function found on the top right of our site allows our audience to hunt for a specific service, product or client. It is extremely important to utilise the keyword function when creating your ad to maximise exposure and positioning through drawing a highly profiled audience to your business.
Business Tagline and Short Business Description
  • Your business tagline and short business description can be extremely impactful - when our audience conducts a directory search, directory listings are the entrée for customers to decide on who to contact. 
  • Take the guess work out for your potential customers and entice them to want more.  For Advantage and Premium advertisers, this will direct the site audience to your business profile page where potential customers can view a comprehensive list of your products and services.
Industry Associations and Brands Supported
  • For Advantage and Premium advertisers, this field adds credibility and builds a strong reputation for your business in the eyes of your potential customers. They want to know what brands you supply or support so that they can make an informed decision quickly.
smallbusiness[HQ] Hot Offers
  • If you want to promote a special offer or communicate the launch of a new product or service more broadly across this site, then our Hot Offers Module is for you.  The Hot Offers Module is located on our home page and promoted throughout the site.  Talk to one of our consultants on 1300 665 768 to learn more.
Do you have a Question
  • Have a quick read of our Advertiser FAQ’s section to see if there is an answer to your query. If you still can’t find an answer, feel free to call us on 1300 665 768.