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Business Planning & Advice - assistance to help you grow your business
Funding for Growth - sourcing funds to grow your business
Manage Your Business Accounts - keep a check on those all-important finances
Business Networking - develop new business contacts and leads to help build your business
Advertising & Brand Agencies - grow your brand and market your products and services more effectively
Research the Market - find out more about your market and competitors
Managing Your Customers - find effective customer relationship management tools and software
Recruitment Agencies - find employees for your business
Build a High Performance Team - information on business coaching, training and development
Employment Legislation & Contracts - find more information about the legal obligations of employers

Checklists - Growing a Business

Exporting Checklist
One of your market growth strategies could involve exporting. In this age...More
10 Tips For a Better Website
There are some things that need to be included in every website....More
Make Your Site A Search Engine Magnet
Here we give tips on how to get your website at the...More
10 Tips For Growing Your Business
Discovering how other businesses are growing, thinking through your marketing strategy, taking...More
7 Ways of Getting Your Customers to Say ‘Wow’!
Lots of small business owners (and not so small!) seem to think...More
Considerations For Equipment Lease Financing
When deciding to obtain equipment in your business, you are confronted with...More
How To Manage Your Cashflow
Want to take control of your cash flow to protect your company’s...More
Building Customer Loyalty: A Checklist
Loyal customers buy more, more regularly and they frequently recommend your business...More
Top 10 Questions For Running a Business
The top 10 questions asked when running a business answered here. Topics...More
Create a Marketing Plan - Useful Tips For The Growing Business
A marketing plan is essential for any business, as it attempts to...More

Featured Videos - Growing a Business

Improving Your Leadership Skills - Part II
Additional tips for developing your leadership skills.
Play Video
More Effective Sales Techniques
More tips for developing effective sales strategies.
Play Video
Online Marketing - Pay Per Click
How pay per click internet marketing can work for you.
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Factsheets - Growing a Business

Are you suited to Franchising?
As with any new business venture, you need to carefully consider whether...More
Super for Self-Employed
What superannuation options are available when you are self-employed? Here we discuss...More
Buying a Business vs Building From Scratch
A discussion on the pros and cons of buying a business vs...More
Tips on Goal Setting
Generating success in a business requires an enormous amount of energy and...More
Buying a Business
This factsheet outlines important considerations when buying a business. Topics covered include...More
Small Business Strategy : How Strong is Yours?
For a long time strategy has been considered one of the realms...More
Tax and Business
This factsheet covers all you need to know about taxation - tax...More
Price Right? Profit Right?
How do businesses determine their prices? Do you follow your competitors? Or...More
Leasing Premises & Equipment
A discussion on leasing premises, motor vehicles and equipment. For your convenience,...More
Protecting Ideas and Products
If you go to all the effort of developing a product, you...More

Growing a Business Links

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Austrade - Advice, and support to Australian companies entering and developing international markets
e-Business guide - A guide to doing business online
Small Business Solutions - a Smart State initiative, giving small businesses access to mentoring from experienced professionals
Australian Bureau of Statistics - Australia’s official statistical agency - Information to help start, grow or manage a small business
ATO - Information from the Australian Tax Office on Employment