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Business Valuers - find someone to value your business
Business Brokers - find a broker to help sell your business
Financial & Succession Planning - find advice on succession planning
Accountants - Business Planning - assistance with wrapping up your accounts
Management/Business Planning Consultants - assistance on planning the sale of your business
Government/Associations  - Business Planning - government information on selling a business
Law Firms - Business Acquisitions & Sales - law firms specialising in business sales
Industrial Relations & Employment Contracts - your obligations when selling a business
Moving Premises - need someone to help you move?
Storage & Archiving - assistance with storage or archiving

Checklists - Growing a Business

Reasons to Sell
Business owners decide to sell their business for a variety of reasons...More
Planning the Sale Of Your Business
Here we outline 6 steps that you can take to prepare your...More
Frequently Asked Questions - Tips for Selling a Business
Is there a right time to sell my business? How do I...More
How to Prepare Your Business For Sale
Read our checklist outlining steps you can take to maximise the sale...More
5 Steps to Planning a Successful Business Exit
The key to any successful business exit is planning. It must begin...More
Selling a Business - Issues to Consider
This factsheet outlines some of the issues you need to consider before...More
Factors Which Affect the Overall Value of a Business
Businesses are something which have a tendency to change hands now and...More
A Strategically Structured Outline For Business Succession Planning
Succession planning is a critical factor for the long-term success of any...More
Determining the Purchase Price
Determining the value of a business is a complex task. The total...More
Checklist for Selling a Business
Successfully plan and carry out the sale of your business with the...More

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Selling a Business - Issues to Consider
Important factors to consider when putting your business on the market.
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Factsheets - Growing a Business

Will Your Small Business Have a Happy Ending ?
Have you considered the impact your death, disability, retirement, or even divorce...More
Tips on Preparing Your Business Exit
Keeping the lifeblood flowing is essential to providing you with an ongoing...More
Getting the Best Price For Your Business
The main thing to keep in mind when selling a business is...More
Are You Managing Your Business To Maximize Its Value?
If you are considering sale or transfer of your business you need...More
Tips on Writing an Exit Plan
Every business owner needs to develop an exit strategy and you need...More
Tips on Knowledge Sharing, Cross Training
Your intuitive knowledge is often the 'gold' in your business. It provides...More
The Unplanned Business Exit
Protecting your business and assets against the dreaded six D’s of an...More
Tips on Effective Delegation, Steps to Business Exit
Business owners often comment that no one in their business is as...More
Who Do You Tell When You’re Going To Sell?
Once you’ve decided to sell and initiate the sale process, one early...More
Selling Your Business – Who Are The Purchasers?
It is important for business owners who intend selling in the future...More

Selling a Business Links

CPA Australia - Advice from CPA Australia on selling your business
Small Business Development Corporation - Information for small businesses including advice on exiting your business
Succession Planning- Information on Succession Planning
ATO - Checklist from the Australian Tax Office for Selling a Business - Government information service for Australian businesses
Australian Securities and Investment Commission - Information on deregistering a company
Smart Small Business - Information from the Queensland Government on selling your business
Business Succession and Exit Planning Quiz - from Smart Small Business
Law Institute of Victoria - Legal advice on selling your business
Leaving the GST System - Information from the ATO on leaving the GST system