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HR Start-up Essentials Package

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By: iHR Australia Outsourced HR Solutions

iHR Australia's HR Start-up Essentials Package is ideal for organisations that have few, if any, HR practices embedded as part of their daily operations. This package addresses fundamental requirements in regards to legislative compliance and effective practice areas. Its primary objective is to strengthen the organisation's approach to managing human resources, and reducing potential employer liability.


The HR Start-up Package is a series of basic human resource tools that put your organisation on the road to sound practice in the management of people issues. This package is flexible in its application however we recommend it includes:


(1) Awards, Agreements & Employment Contracts

As an employer, it is your responsibility to determine how the new federal workplace relations system affects you and, what you need to do to comply. Most jobs are or will be covered by a federal or state award. All employees will be covered by the National Employment Standards (NES). Awards outline the rights and obligations of employers and the legally binding minimum wage rates and employment conditions for employees. Collective workplace agreements allow employers to vary award provisions to more closely reflect the business needs of your particular organisation that is strategically aligned with your business objectives. Employment contracts for employees earning more than $100,000 pa need to be reviewed even though they might be award free.


We can assist you by:

  • Identifying and reviewing the award(s) that apply to your business
  • Reviewing existing employment contracts, letters of appointment, workplace agreements AWAs & ITEA’s to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation
  • Recommending strategies to achieve 100% compliance, thus reducing business risk.


(2) Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures are the strategic link between your company's vision and values and its day-to-day operations. Policies are the "what" of workplace philosophy; procedures are the "how." Why are they so important - because well written policies and procedures allow employees to understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits and standards of behaviour.


Up-to-date policies and procedures are important part of being able to demonstrate your company has taken reasonable steps to ensure they provide a safe and healthy work environment.


We can assist you by:

  • Reviewing your existing policies & procedures (if any)
  • Ensuring your essential suite of policies are updated to reflect current legislation and compliance requirements
  • Articulating policies which will identify key roles and responsibilities and provide a general guidance to decision-makers on how to handle issues as they arise including:
    • Recruitment and Induction;
    • Occupational Health and Safety and Workers Compensation (including return to work);
    • Equal Employment opportunity (including anti-bullying and anti-harassment);
    • Grievance procedure;
    • Performance Management;
    • Disciplinary procedure and Termination of employment;
    • Motor vehicle use;
    • Telephone use;
    • Internet use;
    • Alcohol and Drug use;
    • Environment and waste.


(3) Occupational Health & Safety

Safety in the workplace is critical to the success of running a business, no matter what size it is. As a business owner you have certain rights and responsibilities regarding health and safety in your workplace. Even if you don’t have any employees, you must ensure that your business doesn’t create health and safety problems for your customers and the general public.


Knowing and understanding the relevant Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) laws will help you avoid the unnecessary costs and damage to your business caused by workplace injury and illness.

We can assist you by:

  • Conducting an OH&S screening and surveillance audit to assess your OH&S management risk in areas such as:
    • Policies and Procedures;
    • Safety Induction;
    • Risk identification, assessment & control;
    • Emergency Plans & Reporting;
    • Electrical, Plant & Equipment;
    • Contractor Management;
    • Traffic management;
    • Health & Hygiene.
  •  Providing you with an action plan and timeline prioritising the responsibilities we have identified in our audit


iHR Australia Implementation Support

iHR Australia understands that a vital part of making recommendations and identifying areas of improvement is the application of solutions. This is why we will provide your company with a HR professional to work on-site for 1-3 days to help implement your new human resources practices.