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iHR's Employee Survey Services

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By: iHR Australia Outsourced HR Solutions

Why use an employee survey strategy?


In today’s competitive economy effective employee management strategies are the key to attracting and retaining a productive workforce by creating the right environment.


iHR's Business Survey Services provides employers with web based surveys and strategic analysis to listen to and respond to their staff. Employees tend to yield more honest and open responses when approached by a third party with no ties to the organisation, providing a feedback free of concern.


In consultation with you, we can design and set up the survey, oversee survey implementation and analyse the responses and prepare the report.


iHR also provides special survey solutions designed to enable small and medium sized employers (30 – 100) employees to access this important service at an affordable cost.


iHR surveys not only reveal the mix of values important to your employees, but how well the company is satisfying them, diagnosing issues such as discrimination and bullying, or evaluating cultural aspects of out-placed employees.


Scope and Benefits of iHR's approach.

Attracting and retaining the right mix of skilled employees requires that an organisation offer them a competitive employment proposition. Furthermore, ensuring that they are motivated and engaged requires the organisation to optimise its work culture, management practices, systems and processes, thus maximising employee satisfaction and engagement.


iHR designs its Employee Survey Solutions based around the latest research on employee satisfaction and engagement to guide your employee management strategy. iHR surveys enables your organisation to go/to reach straight to the source – your employees – and ask them what they value, so you can customise your employee proposition.


Research shows that for most employees, salary and benefits are only part of the competitive package. For example, research on generation Y employees suggests they want career opportunities, training and development, more participation in decision-making, work-life balance, and greater autonomy. Many employees value honesty, fair and equitable treatment, and the effective management of employee behaviour.


For most employees, salary and benefits are only part of the competitive package. Research suggests that employees also value and seek key factors such as

  • Career opportunities
  • Training & Development
  • Greater autonomy
  • More participation in decision-making
  • Work-life balance
  • Fair & Equitable treatment
  • Effective management
  • Honesty


Survey Design and Implementation: Improving Productivity?

Surveys are developed in consultation to meet the specific needs of the company, for example, to provide a general diagnostic measure of employee health or to address specific issues such as turnover, absenteeism, competitiveness or productivity.


The survey can incorporate views of key demographics such as company structure, locations, age, gender, qualifications and years of service, to enable more precise measurement of your workforce.


iHR surveys can be conducted on-line through our Australian web services affiliate HT Solutions. Paper based surveys can be conducted to accommodate non-web-connected employees. In special cases such as investigating sensitive issues such as bullying iHR can conduct face to face interviews using specialist experienced psychologists.


Survey responses are maintained confidentially and anonymously to ensure that no individual employee response can be identified. This is essential to maximise the honesty and integrity of employee feedback.


Information collected from respondents is collated and analysed by our research experts. Companies can choose the level of analysis to suit their individual needs, from basic summary reports, to more detailed cross-tabulations and data interpretations and strategic recommendations.


Turning results in to action

iHR’s Human Resources experts can give you the assistance to turn the survey results into strategy and concrete action to drive continuous improvement in your business.