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By: INFOstor by Taylors


Ever needed a document urgently, but can’t find it? As a business expands, document management becomes more important for efficient workflow and productivity.

Locate confidential files with INFOstor’s barcode technology tracking system. Barcoded files or our sturdy boxes that hold approximately 25 files are stored at a secure, purpose-built facility in Toowoomba fitted with infra-red beam for the latest in fire detection.

Storage off-site from your business frees up office space for staff and clients and provides confidence and business continuance in the event of an office fire or theft.

Company records are important business assets and need to be securely protected in an environment of increasing litigation, identity and intellectual property theft.

INFOstor collects and delivers your documents, allowing continued access to company or client records for maximum convenience.

And it’s not only documents that can be stored, INFOstor by Taylors has capability to securely safeguard company data, digital files, and archives.


There are six document/file retrieval service options available, dependant on your business location and how urgently the information is required:
Service Specifications

  • Urgent Within 60 minutes
  • Same day Request by 11am, delivered by 3pm
  • Next day
  • Same week
  • Next week Seven day
  • At a date specified More than seven days


To request information in files or boxes, INFOstor clients receive a “retrieval request” form that specifies:

  • the retrieval service required
  • box and file code numbers
  • other INFOstor services required


We deliver and collect files and boxes, allowing your staff to focus on their core responsibilities and reducing costs associated with transportation, office storage space and staff resources.


Barcode Technology
Barcoding technology is applied to each file and to each box so that at all times, documents/information can be located. Clients are supplied barcodes whose numbers are detailed on the INFOstor database system.

Clients then keep a record of their barcodes and the contents of the corresponding files or boxes. This makes locating the correct information and retrieving it streamlined and efficient.


Cataloguing Service
Staff short of time to sort and catalogue information? INFOstor by Taylors offers a cataloguing service to assist.


Reports recording services used are issued every six months at January and July.

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