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By: INFOstor by Taylors


Still sending client files to the dump? What was an acceptable document destruction practice is no longer safe in today’s world rife with privacy violation, identity and intellectual property theft and increasing litigation.

INFOstor’s certified destruction process gives confidence to both clients/patients and business owners. Destruction for files or boxes stored at INFOstor by Taylors can be pre-arranged, once they are no longer required for regulatory reasons.

For business expansion or reorganisation, INFOstor’s distinctive red 240 litre bins have a locked lid with a slot for inserting documents and files.

Sensitive and confidential information is professionally destroyed using a cross shredding then pulping process which recycles waste paper into roof insulation. For maximum convenience, our document bins are delivered to your premises and then collected, once they are full.


INFOstor document bins have a convenient delivery and collection service from your place of business. This way, staff can do their “real” jobs, reducing costs associated with staff resourcing, transportation and storage space.


A destruction certificate is issued detailing:

  • date of destruction service
  • file/box bar code numbers
  • number of bins

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