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By: Secure Data Centre

SDC has constructed a bunker of 150 square metres with the 120 square metre main hall providing secure rack and communications cabinet storage whilst the remaining area houses a third party communications room and a plant room which accommodates the main switchboard, surge protection, UPS systems and battery arrays. All walls are 190mm thick and are reinforced and core filled and the ceiling is a solid 190mm reinforced slab. The interior of the data hall and plant rooms are lined with 40mm metal clad-room panelling which not only provides efficiency in the maintenance of the right temperature and humidity but also provides an effective faraday shield against RFI and EMI.


Environmental redundancy has been engineered into the facility using a combination of the highest quality surge protection, uninterruptible power supplies, generators and process cooling systems available today. Our state of the art approach in building a facility to the Australian Standard for computer accommodation guarantees to keep the data centre on line and operating at optimum temperature and humidity 365 days of the year.


Power to the data centre premises has been upgraded with the installation of a 500KVA sub station built into the facility. The power fed from the packet sub is connected directly to our plant room where a highly sophisticated Interceptor surge protection system capable of 300KA surge current capacity per phase ensures that destructive over voltage transients are diverted whilst all power fed to the switchboard is further protected from noise and lesser transients by active tracking filters.

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