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By: Vincents Chartered Accountants

Whether you are a private business owner looking to realise the maximum worth from your business or an investor seeking opportunities, Vincents can assist by providing the full integrated range of services listed below or just one element of them.



Vincents provide independent valuation services to business owners and investors regarding the sale or acquisition of medium size private businesses. Expert valuations are necessary for both owners and investors to determine the worth of the business and systematically identify any risks that should be factored into the assessment of the business.


Vincents will then work either with owners to:

  • develop strategic plans to enhance the apparent potential of the business
  • mitigate risks to profit drivers
  • identify potential buyers/investors


or work with investors to formulate an offer price range.


Due Diligence Reviews

For a more detailed assessment of an investment opportunity, Vincents will conduct due diligence reviews and provide an overall evaluation of the viability of the target business. This involves collating historical, current and forecasted financial information as well as strategic non-financial information crucial to the investor's decision.


Transaction Support

For both owners and investors, Vincents can directly assist in planning, structuring and completing an investment or sale transaction. We

  • provide expert advice in the preparation for and lead up to a transaction
  • ensure the transaction is structured on both a commercial and tax effective basis
  • provide assistance in preparing transaction documentation
  • provide support during negotiations and
  • liaise with other key stakeholders throughout the transaction process and settlement.


Capital Raising

For owners in search of capital to make their business "investment ready" or for investors who have identified an opportunity, Vincents are able to source the most appropriate means of obtaining the required capital.


Intellectual Property Services

The value of many businesses comes mainly from intangible assets such as brand, reputation, processes, know how and systems. Increasingly, business owners and managers are recognising the importance of such intellectual capital and seeking to protect their rights through the establishment of intellectual property.


Vincents provide assistance to business owners, purchasers and vendors in assessing the value of intellectual property and, where relevant, the commercialisation of such property. Our specialist service covers all types of intellectual property including:

  • patents
  • trademarks
  • trade secrets
  • copyright
  • software
  • licences


Intellectual property issues often require a multi-disciplinary approach. Vincents can work closely with other specialists such as lawyers, engineers and scientists to ensure that all aspects of the sometimes complex intellectual property issues are properly addressed.