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Company Registration & Company Search in Toowoomba

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1 Patricia Holdings

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Patricia Holdings was founded in 1968 and is Australia’s oldest company incorporation and document supplier.

Trust Deed orders are now automated
Patricia Holdings the Professional in the field of Company Incorporations, Trust Deeds & Superannuation Funds.
Level 1 9 - 11 Grosvenor Street
Servicing Australia Wide
Neutral Bay NSW, 2089
Specialties include: Company Registration & Company Search. We service Toowoomba.

Patricia Holdings Information

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Company registration and company search organisations provide a range of services to help you incorporate, register, form, create, or establish any class of new Australian company or shelf company including a company limited by shares or guarantee, an unlimited company or no liability company. Company registration and search services include business and company name searches, company registration, shelf companies, unit, discretionary & hybrid trusts formation, self-managed super funds & other associated services to help you set up and manage a company or trust. Browse the Company Registration and Company Search Category to find a service to meet your business needs.