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About John

By: John Vincent On-Hold Telephone Messages & Emcee Services

John Vincent commenced his Radio career as an announcer with radio 2RE Taree NSW in 1963. Since then,  John has worked with many stations including:

  • 2NX Newcastle
  • 7HO Hobart
  • 6PR Perth
  • 5AD Adelaide
  • 5KA Adelaide
  • SA-FM Adelaide
  • 4TO Townsville
  • 5MU Murray Bridge
  • Triple M Adelaide
  • 2GB Sydney


During his career, John has participated in many prominent programmes, in particular the SA-FM Morning Zoo in which he was the 'ring master' leading a group of personalities in the highest breakfast ratings achieved to date by that station. While at SA-FM, John was responsible for the naming of the "Black Thunder" promotional vehicles. The Name "Black Thunder" has since been used throughout Australia, the U.S. and the U.K. John also came up with the idea for the SA-FM 107 card, designed to build listener loyalty by awarding prizes and discounts.

Recognising that unemployment is one of the biggest social issues of our time, John created the concept of an On Air employment help-line. This became known as the SA-FM Million Dollars of Work for Adelaide" project. The station ran this programme successfully at least twice over several years.

During the 70's, in an attempt to help promote Australian Music Internationally, John was asked to find a name for concerts featuring local bands seeking (and in some cases achieving) recognition overseas.

The name he created was "Australian Music to The World", a title used by former Mushroom records owner, Michael Gudinsky, to promote Australian Music for several years after.

As an adjunct to his role as a Radio Announcer, John has written around 50 comedy "Ocker" Rock'n'Roll songs and performed them with his band he named the "Ken Oath Ockerstra" The best known of these songs to Adelaide audiences was "Having a Barby".  The band played many functions and venues including Memorial Drive The Festival Theatre Adelaide Grand Prix Sensational Adelaide 500 and were the first band to play at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Some of Ken Oaths songs have also been recorded by other artists.


John also devised "Off-Beat" Promotions including the concept for "Vegetable Federation Front". The theme song being "Give Peas a Chance"..(sorry about that!). Currently, John has made himself and his expertise available for the participation in the training of future 'up and coming' Radio Students as well as assisting with professional advice to Commercial and Community Radio Stations.

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