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McIntosh Meissel & Associates: Frequently Asked Questions

By: McIntosh Meissel & Associates


What do you need to do my personal income tax return

Simply provide a copy of last year's income tax return and some other documentation. Bank Statements, your Group Certificate (if applicable), and any investment tax statements.



I want to change accounts but it looks like too much of a hassle... how hard is it to do?

It's more simple than you might think. We send a letter to your old accountants and they are required to forward your information to us. This includes a copy of your income tax return and financial reports (if applicable). The changeover is done for you, with no contact required with your old accountant. It takes a little time, but not very much, and will cost you nothing.



I'm worried about a large fee after the job is done. I've been ambushed by a huge bill from accountants before. Can you guarantee It wont happen with you?

We can set a maximum fee for most tasks we perform. There are very few open ended jobs that we wont offer this for. Having said that, we will also charge by the hour. The maximum fee is just that, a maximum. We should be able to get under that if there are no unforseen problems.



You are cheaper than other accountants - that means I'll just be a number and you wont pay attention to my needs. How can you ensure me that you will care about me?

We have years of experience in client services, and we know that you matter much more than we do. For all tasks, both personal and business related, we keep you in the loop of what is going on. A personal service is important to us. We can compete on fees because we use the most efficient software and processes, combined with the skills to use it right.



Can you come to my business? I find it easier to find everything I need here.

Yes. We make use of secure internet information and passthroughs. We can do the work at your place of work. Alternatively, we can visit, get what we need and bring it back when we're done. No hassle, cheap and thorough personalised service.