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By: Scalar Solutions

At Scalar Solutions we put the customer first. We understand that you are depending on us to keep your systems running efficiently. We place great importance in maintaining healthy, long-term relationships with our clients.
That's why a staggering 95% of our new business comes as a result of referrals from existing clients.
Over the years we have worked with businesses large and small in many different industries. Many of them have written to us to express their gratitude for our service and expertise.
Here is what our customers are saying about us. These are all genuine testimonials from satisfied clients.


"Service and product quality was excellent, as was the professional advice given. Post-implementation support has been very reliable and resonsive."
John McLaughlin - Company Secretary, Pan Australian Resources.


"Steven Hughes is a true professional in his field, with after sales service of a quality we had not previously experienced."
John McDonald - The Media Workshop.


"We have appreciated your knowledge coupled with your ability to make the whole computer implementation not only painless but enjoyable."
Peter Bickerton - Director, Bickerton Masters Architecture.


"His standard of work was highly professional and the end result was very pleasing. The prompt service we still receive is a credit to him."
Mark De Mello - Office Supervisor, Janbak Industries.


"... knowledegable, produces quality work, is dependable, responds promptly to service calls, is very professional in all that he does and has integrity of the highest order."
John Henderson - Manager Engineering Projects, Currie & Brown Australia.


"I was extremely pleased with the quality of the service provided to my workplace by Scalar Solutions. For this reason, I bought my home system from Scalar. Because of the thoughtful recommendations I received, I got an up to date system (which will not become a dinosaur overnight) for a price which was not only competitive, but cheaper than anywhere else. The backup is great too. It took the pain out of going from Apple to P.C."
Matt Bienstock - Marketing Manager and former Macintosh devotee.

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