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Improving Your Leadership Skills - Part II
Additional tips for developing your leadership skills.
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More Effective Sales Techniques
More tips for developing effective sales strategies.
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Intellectual Property Explained
The basics of Intellectual Property explained.
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   Starting A Business

Fact Sheet   Businesses Don’t ‘Plan to Fail’ They Just 'Fail to Plan’
There is an old saying “If you aim at nothing you will...More
Video   Business Structures in Australia
Common business structures in Australia explained here....More
Video   Buying a Business - Issues to Consider
Key issues to consider when purchasing a business....More
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   Legal Considerations

Fact Sheet   Protecting Ideas and Products
If you go to all the effort of developing a product, you...More
Video   Patents Explained
What are patents and what do they protect?...More
Video   The Basics of Due Diligence
Why due diligence is crucial when purchasing a business....More
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   Managing Your Finances

Fact Sheet   Tax and Business
This factsheet covers all you need to know about taxation - tax...More
Fact Sheet   Price Right? Profit Right?
How do businesses determine their prices? Do you follow your competitors? Or...More
Fact Sheet   Managing Bad Debt
Find out how to manage bad debt in your business. Topics covered...More
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   Business Premises

Fact Sheet   Assessing your proposed new office space or building
Would you buy a house without a Building and Pest Inspection?...More
Video   The Basics of Leasing Business Premises
Important issues to consider when leasing business premises....More
Video   Tips for Negotiating a Property Lease
Key considerations when negotiating a property lease....More
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   Technology & Communications

Fact Sheet   9 Facts About SEO That All Businesses Need To Know
The process of making adjustments to your site so it displays high...More
Fact Sheet   It's a process, not a project
Why good websites are never really finished...More
Fact Sheet   Introduction to writing for the web
Three things writers know, and most people don't...More
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   Office Supplies & Services

Fact Sheet   IT Requirements for Small Business
When starting up a new business it can be difficult to know...More
Check List   IT Checklist for a Small Business
Information Technology (IT) can be a real headache for small business. Here...More
Fact Sheet   Is VoIP the SME's Friend or Foe?
With the emergence of business grade, open source VoIP, business telephony is...More
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   Marketing & Sales

Fact Sheet   When will my Ad Start Working? That depends on your Product Purchase Cycle
The length of the "ramping up period" your ad campaign will require...More
Check List   Create a Marketing Plan - Useful Tips For The Growing Business
A marketing plan is essential for any business, as it attempts to...More
Fact Sheet   Your marketing budget is hard to come by - so spend it wisely
With the right advice, you can ensure your marketing dollars are spent...More
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   People & Training

Fact Sheet   Tips on Small Business Leadership
Entrepreneurial leadership is a critical element in the success of the business....More
Fact Sheet   Motivating and Retaining Your Staff
One of the keys to growing any successful business is retaining quality...More
Fact Sheet   Tips for Improving Small Business Management Skills and Processes
What can a business do to increase profit when there is no...More
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   Selling a Business

Fact Sheet   Getting the Best Price For Your Business
The main thing to keep in mind when selling a business is...More
Check List   Checklist for Selling a Business
Successfully plan and carry out the sale of your business with the...More
Fact Sheet   Who Do You Tell When You’re Going To Sell?
Once you’ve decided to sell and initiate the sale process, one early...More
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   Managing for Growth

Fact Sheet   Why Should You Count The Days Until You Pay Suppliers?
The term ‘Accounts Payable’ may not be new to you, but have...More
Fact Sheet   Finance Considerations for Small Business
Here we discuss those all-important finances - how to plan your finances,...More
Fact Sheet   A Stock Pile Equals a Money Pile
In order to maximise the working capital in your business, it often...More
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   Franchising & Business Opportunities

Check List   Understanding Franchises
Find out all you need to know about franchises here with a...More
Fact Sheet   Franchising - A Definition
The franchising industry has grown very rapidly, but what exactly is a...More
Fact Sheet   Are you suited to Franchising?
As with any new business venture, you need to carefully consider whether...More
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