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Improving Your Leadership Skills - Part II
Additional tips for developing your leadership skills.
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More Effective Sales Techniques
More tips for developing effective sales strategies.
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Online Marketing - Pay Per Click
How pay per click internet marketing can work for you.
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Most Popular Business Resources

   Starting A Business

Video   Buying a Business - Issues to Consider
Key issues to consider when purchasing a business....More
Check List   How to Buy a Business
The safest and most cost-effective way to approach the purchase of a...More
Fact Sheet   Buying a Business vs Building From Scratch
A discussion on the pros and cons of buying a business vs...More
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   Legal Considerations

Video   What are Companies?
The advantages of the company stucture and how to form one....More
Video   What are Trusts?
An explanation of the trust structure of company....More
Fact Sheet   Buying a Business
This factsheet outlines important considerations when buying a business. Topics covered include...More
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   Managing Your Finances

Fact Sheet   10 Steps that Add Up to Good Accounts Receivable Management and Being in Control of your Debtor Accounts
Now that the economic recession is on the improve don't let this...More
Fact Sheet   How You Can Benefit From Job and Work-In-Progress Management
How you manage jobs and work in progress can have a real...More
Fact Sheet   7 Key Numbers To Drive Profit
The 7 Key Numbers To Drive Profit are Revenue Growth %, Price...More
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   Business Premises

Fact Sheet   Leasing Premises & Equipment
A discussion on leasing premises, motor vehicles and equipment. For your convenience,...More
Video   Futher Considerations - Property Leasing
Further issues to consider when negotiating property agreements....More
Fact Sheet   Assessing your proposed new office space or building
Would you buy a house without a Building and Pest Inspection?...More
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   Technology & Communications

Fact Sheet   The Future of New Media Today
What do you do to get on board the new media wagon?...More
Fact Sheet   Growing Your Small Business Online
More and more consumers are going online to research and purchase goods...More
Fact Sheet   Staying Fresh On The Web
Some organisations develop and build a website and think their work on...More
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   Office Supplies & Services

Check List   IT Checklist for a Small Business
Information Technology (IT) can be a real headache for small business. Here...More
Fact Sheet   Is VoIP the SME's Friend or Foe?
With the emergence of business grade, open source VoIP, business telephony is...More
Fact Sheet   IT Requirements for Small Business
When starting up a new business it can be difficult to know...More
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   Marketing & Sales

Fact Sheet   How To Create Winning Newsletters
As a business, what do you really get from producing a newsletter?...More
Fact Sheet   What made your Customers come to you? Can you Trust the Answer?
That is a question that many advertisers want to ask in order...More
Fact Sheet   Building Your Database of Contacts
Your contact list is a goldmine for your business. The number and...More
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   People & Training

Fact Sheet   Tips for Improving Small Business Management Skills and Processes
What can a business do to increase profit when there is no...More
Fact Sheet   Tips To Help You Communicate Change
Communicating change must start at the top, and should revolve around a...More
Video   Improving Your Leadership Skills
How you can improve your leadership skills....More
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   Selling a Business

Fact Sheet   Selling Your Business – Who Are The Purchasers?
It is important for business owners who intend selling in the future...More
Fact Sheet   Tips on Writing an Exit Plan
Every business owner needs to develop an exit strategy and you need...More
Check List   How to Prepare Your Business For Sale
Read our checklist outlining steps you can take to maximise the sale...More
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   Managing for Growth

Fact Sheet   How You Can Benefit From Job and Work-In-Progress Management
How you manage jobs and work in progress can have a real...More
Fact Sheet   Tax and Business
This factsheet covers all you need to know about taxation - tax...More
Check List   Top 10 Tips For Effective Selling
The business of selling is crucial to the success of many small...More
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   Franchising & Business Opportunities

Check List   Understanding Franchises
Find out all you need to know about franchises here with a...More
Fact Sheet   Are you suited to Franchising?
As with any new business venture, you need to carefully consider whether...More
Fact Sheet   Franchising - A Definition
The franchising industry has grown very rapidly, but what exactly is a...More
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