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Assessing your proposed new office space or building
Would you buy a house without a Building and Pest Inspection?...More
Tips for Negotiating a Property Lease
Key considerations when negotiating a property lease....More
The Basics of Leasing Business Premises
Important issues to consider when leasing business premises....More
Leasing Premises & Equipment
A discussion on leasing premises, motor vehicles and equipment. For your convenience, we’ve included links to our small business directory to put you in touch with key suppliers of property leasing, motor vehicle leasing and office equipment leasing services to get your business up and running faster....More
Insurance for Businesses
Insurance is a crucial element to any business. This factsheet outlines key areas of insurance - the various types, dispute resolution and the ombudsman service. For your convenience, we’ve included links to our business directory to put you in touch with providers of the various types of insurance you may need....More
Business Leases
Leasing a premises for your place of business, whether it’s office space, commercial space or a retail premises, will be one of the biggest over-heads you’ll have to meet as a small business owner. Negotiating the right property lease for your business is key. Here are some tips and considerations to help you negotiate a favourable lease agreement. Topics covered include: commercial leases, business leases, retail leases and property leases....More
Choosing a Location for your Business
Issues to consider when deciding where to locate your business....More
Futher Considerations - Property Leasing
Further issues to consider when negotiating property agreements....More

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