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Superannuation SMSF
There is no guarantee that investments by a superannuation fund will produce benefits in terms of capital growth or income flow. ...More
10 Steps that Add Up to Good Accounts Receivable Management and Being in Control of your Debtor Accounts
Now that the economic recession is on the improve don't let this be a time to become complacent when managing your accounts receivable....More
Tips to tackle late payments in the new financial year
In order to help small businesses combat the issue of late payment, we asked global Debtor Finance provider Bibby Financial Services to develop the following New Financial Year's resolutions with useful tips on how to speed up payment process and improve control procedures to safeguard cash flow into 2010 and beyond. ...More
Invoice Finance - A smart finance option for Australian SMEs
Invoice Finance, also known as Debtor Finance, Factoring and Invoice Discounting, is fast growing as a preferred method for Australian small and medium sized businesses to finance their day-to-day operations and manage cash flow....More
Debt Collection 101: what to do when customers don't pay
Collecting overdue accounts can be a major hassle for SMEs but the impacts of not staying on top of debtors can be devastating. ...More
Kick-start your 2008/09 cash flow
With just a couple of weeks to go until the end of the financial year its time to for Australian businesses to ensure their cash flow is in order....More
Credit risk management, a must for every Australian business
The impact of the credit crisis on the global economy continues to play out and amidst this turbulence local economic conditions have become significantly more challenging. ...More
How You Can Benefit From Job and Work-In-Progress Management
How you manage jobs and work in progress can have a real impact on your sanity as a business owner. A good job management system can equate to greatly improved profit, cashflow and peace of mind for the business owner. Here we discuss how getting jobs and work in progress organized can greatly improve your business....More
Work In Progress and Working Capital
Work In Progress Days (WIP Days) are the number of days, on average, that jobs are in progress prior to invoicing. When you’re in a service business, WIP Days is a vital number to be in control of. Here we outline how you can calculate WIP Days and how a good job management system can help you manage them....More
A Stock Pile Equals a Money Pile
In order to maximise the working capital in your business, it often helps to minimise the length of time stock sits on your shelves. A good start to managing the length of time that stock sits on the shelves is to measure it. This measurement is known as ‘Inventory Days’. Here we outline how to calculate Inventory Days and how to manage your inventory so you can maximise the working capital in your business....More

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