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How search engines work
A search engine uses software called a "web spider" or "web crawler". ...More
Introduction to writing for the web
Three things writers know, and most people don't...More
When will my Ad Start Working? That depends on your Product Purchase Cycle
The length of the "ramping up period" your ad campaign will require before you begin to see results is determined particularly by the product purchase cycle....More
What made your Customers come to you? Can you Trust the Answer?
That is a question that many advertisers want to ask in order to track results of their advertising dollars. ...More
Are you an Addict to the Cocaine of Advertising?
Are you hooked on SALE! SALE! SALE!?...More
To Understand How Your Buyers are Thinking, Read their Eye Movement...
To understand how your buyers are thinking, be sure to read their eye movement. ...More
Why Aren't my Advertisements Working? Let's work at Isolating the Problem.
If you're not drawing in as many customers as you'd like, there are only 4 places you need to look to figure out what's going wrong....More
How to plan a successful direct mail campaign
Direct mail allows you to deliver your sales message, products and services to potential or existing customers. One of the major benefits of direct mail; is that it allows you to provide ample information to your potential customer, and is a form of marketing that's tangible....More
What makes an offer irresistable
With the ever-growing connections to the internet and the growth of the internet now becoming a â??needâ?? rather than a â??wantâ??, the internet today provides new opportunities for advertisers to get their message out there fast and at an affordable price....More
boost your sales NOW
Networking - some of us love it and some of us hate it, but the value of networking can't be underestimated. It's a great way to build work relationships, promote your products and services....More

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