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The Basics of Due Diligence - Part II
More information on due diligence when purchasing a business....More
Important Business Obligations
This factsheet outlines important obligations new businesses must take into account. Topics covered include duties of company directors, implied conditions and warranties in relation to goods and services, unfair trading, negligence, health and safety and discrimination. For your convenience, we’ve included links to relevant business services and suppliers in our business directory who can help you....More
Conducting a Discretionary Trust
A Discretionary Trust is not a separate legal entity in the same way as an individual or a company, rather it is a relationship which exists whereby a Trustee is compelled to hold property for the benefit of Beneficiaries. Here we outline the duties of the Trustee, how income and capital is distributed and other issues to consider when entering into the Discretionary Trust structure of business....More
Price Right? Profit Right?
How do businesses determine their prices? Do you follow your competitors? Or charge a bit more than cost price? Do you charge what you can get away with? Or do you charge what you think it's worth? Here we outline strategies for determining the price of goods and services....More
Super for Self-Employed
What superannuation options are available when you are self-employed? Here we discuss what type of fund to choose and what benefits and investments are available. For your convenience, we’ve also included links to our small business directory to put you in touch with superannuation experts....More
Tips on Goal Setting
Generating success in a business requires an enormous amount of energy and dedication. However, there are certain steps you can take to find the quickest and most efficient route. Here are some tips on setting goals to achieve success quicker....More
Tips for Negotiating a Property Lease
Key considerations when negotiating a property lease....More
Conducting a Unit Trust
A Unit Trust is not a separate legal entity in the same way as an individual or a company, rather it is a relationship which exists whereby a Trustee is compelled to hold property for the benefit of Beneficiaries or Unitholders. Here we outline the Unit Trust structure of business with topics including the duties of Trustees, how income is distributed, Capital Gains Tax and how to wind up a Unit Trust....More
Business Structures in Australia
Common business structures in Australia explained here....More
Small Business Strategy : How Strong is Yours?
For a long time strategy has been considered one of the realms of business that you need an MBA to understand. Not true! Read our article to assess the strength of your business strategy....More

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